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EasySalePOS is a leading platform let you to manage, build & track your business.

EasysalePOS is a complete professionally designed billing, inventory & business management software solution. On other words, A software that comprised of all the essential features & tools a sales business required. From Point of Sale, Billing & Custom Invoice, Inventory Management, Accounting,  Reporting, CRM & Table & Kitchen orders (KOT) for Restaurant Software, Theft Security etc.

Work Space theft or Theft of Cash by employees has become a common occurrence on every  type of business. An experienced employee who tend to steal have already knows the loopholes and hides the theft by manipulating the inventory through POS. It slowly eats up the entire business. A strong software that monitor and track the registry can reduce the theft effectively. EasysalePOS have integrated effective tools to track the registry and reduce the cash theft of employee.

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  • Can analyze sales data, figure out how well all the stocks on your warehouse sell and adjust purchasing levels accordingly.
  • Multi-pricing feature to create two pricings for the same product takes the Supermarket Billing Software functions to a smart & efficient level.
  • You can maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends.
  • You can improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorization ability with the POS system.

Custom Receipt or Invoice

You can create custom invoice/receipt with your logo, header and footer image.  You can email & print your invoice on billing to the customer, Can send the payment details as SMS to customer mobile.

Arabic Language

Sales, billing everything including printing your sales invoice in your own regional language Arabic & English

Future VAT integration

Easily integration of the VAT system in future ,Custom Tax System integration provide a flexible billing through out the Business. Work with TAX or without TAX billing simultaneously.

Cloud POS Work from Anywhere

You can work or access your espos  software anywhere around the globe, You can check the real-time sales report, evaluate your business & track the sales with effective custom reporting system

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