IMPROVE customer experience & REDUCE Staff Effort

Get total control of your store. Know when to restore products by tracking the inventory details real time. Easy to sell and manage the products, add discounts special offers. Add, edit and remove variates of products with specific features including images, prices, colors and size. Integrated scale system increases the speed and flexibility of checkout, in-turn improve the customer experience in shopping.


The ESPOS Grocery POS system simplifies all your business process from pricing to inventory management. Real time overview of your store functioning’s like analyzing sales report, offers and promotional campaign management, inventory management. Integrated scale system provide accurate and fast billing and avoid double entry on weighing items. Bring back customers to your store by providing your loyalty club cards through ESPOS supermarket  POS software.

ESPOS Supermarket | Hypermarket | Grocery shop billing software

Multi-pricing & Flexible pricing

ESPOS Supermarket billing software enables Multi-pricing or dual pricing functionality where we can create two pricing for same product, takes the pricing system to a smart & efficient level. Flexible pricing system where you can add discounts, offers, price variations with location. Dual pricing system enables a feature to enter price when new stock with new price arrive while the old stock already exist on inventory.

Weighing scale

Speedy services with high accuracy are expected from supermarket retailers. Automated weighing scale integrator provides fast and accurate service on weighing items and can avoid double entry.

Bulk Product Import & Export

ESPOS Supermarket billing software provide the feature to automatically import entire product on single click. By creating CSV file new products be upload or existing products can update to software by single click. You can transfer or migrate your entire products from your old POS system to new updated ESPOS billing system easily.

Smart Stock Management

ESPOS supermarket software system provides complete point of sale solutions with smart build-in stock / inventory management modules, designed to assist you to make accurate decision about the stock level, stock reorder level and purchase order with low-stock / re-order alert. The designed module helps to send purchase order to suppliers and send GRN to supplies directly from pos system.

Loyalty or Club Cards

Keep good relationship with customers, start your own supermarket club card programs, add reward points on each purchase. ESPOS POS system have loyalty integrator where you can add customer details and assign club cards to customer and offer rewards.

Promotional Email & SMS

Brand your supermarket by sending promotional offer sms / emails to customer regularly from your POS system and bring your customers back to store. ESPOS billing software has integrated sms and email feature that provide feature to send sms or email to customer from the POS system itself.

Some of Our Clients


Quiet Versatile and easy to use. This software provides same features of high price software without high price tag. Improves our customer's on-desk experience. Highly recommended